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Kristen Cooke

Campus Staff


Kristen graduated from the University of Virginia in 2017 with a degree in Religious Studies. Kristen got involved in IV on the first day of college after a friend brought her to events and helped her connect to the community. She slowly but surely got involved and went on to lead a small group, served on the Evangelism Team, and was Evangelism Coordinator her fourth year. After meeting Jesus more deeply in college and experiencing a call to ministry , Kristen came on staff with IV and served at Randolph-Macon College for five years. At R-MC, Kristen developed a love for students, discipleship, and leadership development. In July 2022, Kristen returned to Charlottesville to staff the UVA chapter full time. She can't wait to see how God wants to move on Grounds and in the lives of students.

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Bryan Pedersen

Campus Staff


Bryan graduated from the University of Virginia in 2020 with a degree in Biology. As a student, God met Bryan in a new and powerful way during his time in InterVarsity. He went on to serve in different ways through his time as a student: Small Group Leader, Community Coordinator, and Chapter President. Bryan was called to pursue staff with InterVarsity and has been at UVA since. He is excited by the opportunity for college students to be shaped by the gospel during this formative time and be moved beyond college to actively join God in the reconciliation of all things..

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