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Every Donation Helps!

About Donations: 

Our chapter largely depends upon the gifts and donations of members, friends, and supporters from the community to financially equip our ministry. Financial gifts support the chapter as it thrives and continues to grow, enabling us to reach out to more students as well as nurture the community that already exists within InterVarsity.  Your donations are primarily used for scholarship which help send students to our life-changing conferences; equipment that we use at our Large Group meetings such as sound boards, cables, and microphones; and flyers, posters, and proxe stations we use during our outreach events.


If you donate to InterVarsity at UVA through the , your donation is tax deductible.  You will receive a donation receipt shortly after donating.  


How to Donate: 

Donating online through our InterVarsity portal is our preferred method of donating (to do so, click the button below).  If you would like to donate via a physical check, please make it out to "InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA" and write "UVA Undergraduate Chapter" in the subject line.


Checks can be mailed to: 


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

PO Box 7895

Madison, WI 53707


Questions about donating?  Email  



Every contribution makes a difference. Thank you for supporting our ministry!

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